2018-2019 Jurisdictional Officers of Virginia

State Master Councilor 

Jared Jackson

Deputy State Master Councilor

Noah Pendleton

2018-2019 Virginia State Council

State Staff

State Representative DeMolay

Chris Fechisin​

State Chaplain

Jessie Banks​​​

State Scribe

Ryan Pendleton

Director of Social Media

Mason Huffman

Director of YouTube

Per Ankh Siaca Bey

Director of Competitions

Heath Robinson


Eli Lutz

Regional Officers

Central Region Master Councilor

Billy Erner​

​​Deputy Central Region Master Councilor 

Trey Hayden

​​Eastern Region Master Councilor

Quentin Hoglund​​​​

​​Deputy Eastern Region Master Councilor

Jaden Malabanan


​Northern Region Master Councilor

Raymond Siaca Bey

​​Deputy Northern Region Master Councilor  

Preston Hamrick

​Western Region Master Councilor

Andrew Fox


​​Deputy Western Region Master Councilor

Will Johnson

Virginia DeMolay

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