2018-2019 Jurisdictional Officers of Virginia

State Master Councilor 

Heath Robinson

Deputy State Master Councilor

Jared Jackson

2019-2020 Virginia State Council

State Staff

State Representative DeMolay

Sean Egan​

State Chaplain

Logan Malabanan​

State Scribe

 ​Hugh Flannagan

State Marshall

 ​Zachary Wittig

Director of Social Media

Mason Huffman​

Director of YouTube

 ​Per Ankh Siacca Bey

Director of Competitions

Quentin Hoglund

General Committee Director

Joey Prohaska


Dean of Virginia DeMolay University

Jaden Malabanan


Regional Officers

Central Region Master Councilor

Trey Haden​

​​Deputy Central Region Master Councilor 

Taylor Brace ​

​​Eastern Region Master Councilor

Dominic Indovina ​

​​Deputy Eastern Region Master Councilor

Jessie Banks

​Northern Region Master Councilor

Preston Hamerick


​​Deputy Northern Region Master Councilor  

Sean Egan


​Western Region Master Councilor



​​Deputy Western Region Master Councilor


Virginia DeMolay

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