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Brief History

In 1919, a gentleman by the name of Frank S. Land started an organization for young men, called DeMolay. The mission was to build up these young men into respected community members. The values and ideals the organization teaches were based off of the stories of the heroic figure, Jacques DeMolay, a member of the Knights Templars. The fidelity he exemplified is one of the main teachings of our organization.

The Difference

DeMolay is an organization that helps young men develop a variety of strengths, such as leadership skills, planning, how to run a business meeting, and public speaking, while quietly building character in the process. These skills are taught indirectly through the various meetings, functions, and events held by the chapter.  As they are doing the event planning, running their meetings or giving public presentations, the young men of DeMolay are developing tools that will serve them throughout their lives. DeMolay teaches other important lessons as well. In our chapters we teach the lessons of love for parents, reverence for sacred things, courtesy to all, comradeship, loyalty, clean living and patriotism.  DeMolay is truly unique in what it offers to the young men of our world.

Community Engagement

Chapters are encouraged to provide service to their fellow man. 
Members volunteer many hours towards the betterment of their communities or fund raising  to
support their local and national charities.  These young men learn the importance of helping others through these social interactions and accomplishments, benefiting their communities as well as providing immeasurable profit to their individual character.

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