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2019 Honors Recipients

Congratulations to All!


Kaleb P. Gill (Ashburn)

Jacob G. Jackson (Kempsville)

Tyler D. Jeffries (Tidewater)

R. Eli Lutz (Tidewater)

Isaac N. Mamo (Woodlawn)

Jefferson R. Matthews (Kempsville)

Ethan W. Moro (Westhampton)

Noah C. Pendleton (Ashburn)

David A. Tabligan (Ashburn)

Timothy D. Telles (Woodlawn)

Herbert G. Turner (Petersburg)

Michael C. Wilkinson (Portsmouth)

Gabe M. Williams (Tidewater)

William S. Wolfe (Woodlawn)

Cross of Honor

Thomas J. Coletti (Petersburg)

John M. Farr  (Kempsville)

Wyatt P. Hamrick (Prince William)

Brian M. Horn  (Kempsville)

Deborah C. Moro  (Westhampton)

Erin J. Pendleton (Ashburn)

Simeon C. Slayton (Prince William)

Legion of Honor

Jeremy Gill – Active (Ashburn)

L. Wesley Hirschorn, Jr. – Active (Herndon)

Robert G. Murray  – Active (Tidewater)

William A. Bishop - Active

C. Cornell Caffee – Active

Charles T. Cleveland – Active

Clifford H. Gregory – Active

Glenn H. Hall – Active

Terry F. Hilton – Active

Thomas C. Ransone – Active

Gilbert C. Sawyer - Honorary

Lawrence M. Stanfield - Active