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Merit Bars

Merit Bars are awards that recognize DeMolays for achievement in some phase of Chapter activity or in their personal lives while members of DeMolay. 

Each Merit Bar is produced in five colors. Each color designates the number of times a DeMolay has received a bar in that category. The color designations are:

1st Award – White
2nd Award – Red
3rd Award – Blue
4th Award – Purple
5th Award – Gold

Contact your Awards Advisor if you any further questions. 


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Awarded for participating in a Chapter’s athletic program for one full year with a minimum of six (6) game competitions in one or more sports. This includes bowling and rifle


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Work on at least three different fund raising projects for the Chapter, for a total of twenty hours, without direct financial remuneration to himself


Awarded to an active DeMolay who brings in three different Master Masons in good standing, to one or more DeMolay Chapter meetings. He may not be an Advisor of any chapter or jurisdiction. Limit one bar per year.


For securing and being the first line signer for three membership applicants who are initiated into the Chapter


For sustained and UNUSUALLY HIGH GRADE work in either or both degrees with a minimum of 125 points earned according to the Supreme Council point scale. Points are awarded each time part is given.


Utilize technology in a way that is beneficial to your Chapter or Jurisdiction in an area not covered by another merit bar. Examples include: create a Chapter Facebook page, Twitter group, create a Chapter/Jurisdiction WEB page, or create a Chapter E-Newsletter


For perfect attendance at regular meetings for one year in a member’s chapter, or if far away from home, for the same number of meetings of some other Chapter. Make-up meetings counted toward the Attendance Bar will not be used to fulfill the requirements for the Visitation Bar


The Leadership Correspondence Course is a five course program. The Lamp of Knowledge certificate is awarded for successfully completion of the fifth course. Merit Bars are awarded upon successful completion of each of the courses.


For participating in three Chapter installation ceremonies as a member of the installing team.


For participating in three different Chapter Masonic Service projects with a minimum of ten hours without financial remuneration to either individual or Chapter.


Be a member in good standing for a minimum of one year and attend two-thirds of the Priory functions. (Priory must have held a minimum of six activities other than regular meetings.)


Each year, with a clean driving record, the member will earn the next level of the bar. An infraction can halt the earning of future colors, and a serious infraction could mean the loss of a color or colors, or the entire bar itself


For six visitations at regular Chapter meetings of a Chapter other than his own, or a total traveled distance of 150 miles (one way)


A member must contribute ten hours of service on behalf of the Chapter without financial remuneration to the individual of the Chapter in three different civic projects of the Chapter.


For working in or on a musical group with a minimum of three performances or for participating in a minimum of two theatrical performances. These need not be DeMolay related.


For being a member of, or submitting to, a Chapter newspaper, public newspaper, electronic newspaper, web newsletter, web site, or any other form of published communication with at least six articles submitted and published, copies of which are forwarded to the Supreme Council Service and Leadership Center. 


For contributing twenty hours of service to DeMolay in an area not covered by another bar with no financial remuneration to the individual or the Chapter


For attending at least thirty regular weekly religious services per year.


Maintain a “B” grade average (or equivalent) for one full year of school.

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