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Executive Officer's State Staff

Executive Officer's State Staff

Dad Rick Young

Executive Officer


Executive Officer - Emeritus 

Dad Michael Williams

State Treasurer

Dad Rick Smith

State Chaplain

Bill Costis


Director of Competitions   

Dad T​om Sellers​​​​​​​


Director of Sociability

Mom Christina Shrieves


  Medical Director

Dad James Hermansen-Parker 



Director of Membership

Dad John Farr


    Director of Scholarships     

Dad Kerry Campbell

Director of Staff Training

Dad Rick Smith

Website Director

Dad Nate Stallings

Awards Coordinators

PMC-MSA Award Coordinator   

Dad John Stallings

  Representative DeMolay Award Coordinator  

Dad Ar​t Pendleton​

Event Directors

Director of Advisor's Retreat / Luray

Dad Rick Smith

Director of Brotherhood

Dad John Stallings


Director of Conclave

Dad Rob Shrieves


Director of Fall Fest

Dad Chris Pendleton

Regional Deputies

Central Region Deputy

Dad Tom Varner


Eastern Region Deputy 

Dad Jon Martin

Northern Region Deputy

Dad Wes Hirschorn


Western Region Deputy

​​​​​Dad George Lloyd

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