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2002 Virginia DeMolay Fall Fest

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Kings Dominion

Who:  You!

What:  Fall Fest

Where:  Kings Dominion

When:  October 19, 2002

Why:  Because it's fun!


Buy your tickets now! You get:

Admission and lunch in the park... but wait, there's more!

You also get a pizza party at the Best Western Kings Quarters Hotel.


All for just $36! If you have a season pass, you only have to pay $16!


Save money! Parking inside Kings Dominion costs $7, but if you park at the Hotel a free shuttle bus will be provided.


Important, you DO NOT have to stay overnight!  If you DO want to stay the night, you must make your own reservations with Best Western for $69.  Call toll free 1-800-625-4647.  Just let them know you are with VA DeMolay.  The hotel reservation deadline is September 28 ... so don't be late!


So you don't want to pay for your ticket?  Just be the FIRST-LINE SIGNER on 2 applications between Conclave and October 5, and you can go to Kings Dominion for free!


Wait, there's still more!  You may invite Jobies and Rainbow!  Just make sure they are registered through your home chapter.


And the last tidbits of information ... leave your suits and ties at home!  This is a totally fun weekend!

For questions, contact:

SMC Bernard Molina -

Dad Ricky Smith -

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