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Spring is in Virginia!

Over the past two months, Virginia DeMolay has been keeping active with a lot of events!

To kickoff March, Virginia DeMolay held our Brotherhood Reunion Weekend! We started the day off with tours of the House of the Temple and then had lunch catered by Chick-Fil-A. After lunch, we held the Initiatory Degree, in the Temple, bringing over fifteen new members into Virginia DeMolay! After getting checked into the hotel, we held a Reunion Banquet at the hotel. We had entertainment provided from a former circus juggler. He did all sorts of tricks for the crowd and was very entertaining to everyone! During the banquet, Petersburg Chapter won the Membership Award for bringing in the greatest percentage of members during 2018. Tidewater Chapter won the Galloping Gavel for bringing the greatest percentage of their membership to Brotherhood. Last but not least, Bailey Moro from Westhampton Chapter, was awarded the Brotherhood Award. All of the details on these awards can be found under the "Competitions" section on our website. After the banquet, we held a dance where we had entertainment including a caricature artist, a mime, and the juggler sticked around too! After, we got to enjoy some nice warm pizza and cold soda.

In the morning we rode in buses to The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Arlington National Cemetery. At the tomb, Virginia DeMolay got to place it's own wreath in memorial of those who have laid down their life on behalf of our country.

Overall the weekend was successful not only in planning, but by the comradery that was shared by everyone.

Installations are always great. During the months of March and April, there were quite a few.

On March 9th, Tidewater Chapter held their Installation where Bro. Dominic Indovina was installed as Master Councilor. They had a Spaghetti Dinner afterwards, which was followed by a dance and lock-in. It was great food and an even better installation.

On March 16th, Kempsville Chapter held their Installation where Bro. Harrison Matthews was installed as Master Councilor. After the installation the chapter held refreshments and a dance. It was a great time and Virginia wishes all of the officers from Kempsville all the best...even Jare-Bear...

On March 23rd, Portsmouth Chapter held their Installation of Officers where Bro. Levi Crumpler was installed as Master Councilor. It was a great installation and congrats to all of the officers!

On March 24th, Roanoke Chapter held their installation where Bro. Will Johnson was installed as Master Councilor. It was great to visit our brothers in the western region. They always know how to give everyone a warm welcome!

On March 30th, Prince William held their Installation of Officers where Bro. Charles Hite was installed as Master Councilor. Afterwards, they had a Taco and Potato Bar which was delicious! Congratulations Prince William Chapter!

On March 31st, Woodlawn Chapter held their installation where Bro. Leo Capuno was installed as Master Councilor. The installation was magnificent and could not have been better. Congrats Woodlawn!

Also on March 31st, Westhampton held their Installation of Officers. Bro. Ethan Moro was installed as Master Councilor. Before the installation they had a Barbeque diner which was delicious!

On April 6th, Petersburg Chapter held their installation where Bro. Ryan Bowman was installed as Master Councilor. Their installation and reception was great! Congratulations to Ryan and the rest of Petersburg Chapter!

On April 14th, Norfolk Chapter held their installation where Bro. Jaden Malabanan was installed as Master Councilor. Of course the lumpia and pancit was magnificent!

On April 1st, DeMolay International celebrated the first recorded meeting, by holding degrees internationally. In Virginia, we held four DeMolay degrees across the four regions. Each member who received their DeMolay Degree is a part of a special Centennial Class and will receive a Centennial Membership Patent. Each Region did an excellent job representing DeMolay especially with all of the guests that attended. Those include Master Masons, Senior DeMolays, and parents. After each degree, a video was showed which included a message from Grand Master, Dad Boyd Patterson explaining the significance of April 1st and what it means to him. It was a great day for DeMolay!

On April 27th, members from Virginia DeMolay were joined by members from Virginia Rainbow and Virginia Job's Daughters for the semiannual Master Councilor, Honored Queen, Worthy Advisor (MCHQWA) ball held and hosted at the Kena Shrine center in Manassas. Members of all the organizations danced the night away and Master Councilors were then introduced and escorted into the ball room. Awesome night!

The past two months was filled with events and could not have been better for Virginia DeMolay!


May 4th- Grand Commandery, State Master Councilor remarks

May 20th- Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, State Master Councilor remarks

June 1st- Virginia DeMolay, Luray Quarterly with Ritual Competitions and Grand Master's Initiation Class.

June 23-28- Centennial Session and celebration

June 29th- Virginia Rainbow Girls Grand Assembly Banquet and Dance

July 13th-Eastern Region Honors Investiture

July 14th- Northern Region Honors Investiture

July 20th-Central Region Honors Investiture

July 21st-Western Region Honors Investiture

July 25-28- Virginia DeMolay Conclave


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