By-Law Change

Proposed change in voting procedure.

208.5 Voting

Once the Q & A is completed there will be a five minute break for the delegates to consult with their chapters.

Each delegate will receive a ballot and cast his vote.

The ballots will be collected by an advisor directly from the delegates.

Each ballot will then be read aloud by the SMC and observed by an advisor.

Three tellers will record the votes, verify the total and present the results to the SMC for announcement.

Reason for the Change: It has been reported in the last two contested elections that individuals felt pressured by either members of the chapter or advisors to vote as a block, even though the individuals did not agree with the choice of the other delegates. While it is true that each delegate should listen to the opinions of the members of the chapter, he still has the right to vote for the individual that he feels is the most qualified. This change allows the delegates to do this without fear of reprisal. It has also been reported that at least one advisory council has already determined how the votes of that chapter will be cast for the 2019 election.

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