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Fall Fest - Great Success

"This past weekend we had great representation from the state with a showing of 100+ members and advisors, including the new-rising chapters of Shennadoah and Fredericksburg, arriving at Manasseh lodge for a full day of brotherhood and fun, celebrating Fall Fest 2K19! 

The day began with the star spangled banner performed by a team of DeMolays throughout the state: Junior Banks, Jessie Banks, Joseph Prohaska, Cam Naim, Heath Robinson, and Caleb Martin. During the day, various sports and carnival games were played including kickball, an eating competition, tug of war and a 3-point shooting contest. The Virginia Rainbow girls were a tremendous help with cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, and some amazing apple cobbler. The state enjoyed seeing Dad Young and Noah Pendleton get dunked in the dunk tank a little too much with long lines going on for miles. The day ended with a costume dance where prizes were presented and raffles were held. 

All proceeds from Fall Fest went towards the Shriners hospital with a total of $2,800 being donated from Virginia DeMolay to help children in need. A huge shoutout to those who volunteered with food, raffles, and reffing sports as well as all the local companies who donated items, Fall Fest could not have been a success without your help. "

Noah Pendleton

State Master Councilor of Virginia


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