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Remember September!

During September, we as a state have gained 7 members! Westhampton, Kempsville, Ashburn, Herndon, Norfolk and Petersburg all gained members during the month of September. We are close to breaking even, and possibly growing, in membership by the end of this year. I strongly encourage each chapter to get your potential prospects in by the end of the year. Hold your prospect events and parties; and get those potential members in!

Throughout this month, there were many Chapter Installations held. On September 1st, Tidewater Chapter held their Installation and Logan Bishop was installed as Master Councilor. A week later, Woodlawn held their Installation. Before MCHQWA Ball, on September 22, Prince William held their installation and Connor Balint was installed as Master Councilor. On September 29, Kempsville held their installation while Bro. Jared Jackson, State Scribe, was installed as the chapter's Master Councilor. After Kempsville's Installation, they held a Karaoke Night which was a lot of fun. Songs were sang from Take Me Home, to Uptown Funk, to High School Musical's: Breaking Free! It was a great night filled with the brotherhood and love of Kempsville Chapter.

During September, visitations to Chapters included Petersburg on Sept. 12, Kempsville on Sept. 20, and Westhampton on Sept. 25. It was a honor and privilege to attend these Chapter's meetings and to bond with all of the members. It was ecstatic to see all of the chapters doing great things with not only their membership, but also the friendship between everyone in their chapter. Definitely something I will Remember from September!


October 11-Tidewater Visit/Initiation, 7pm

October 13-Masonic Family Day

-Events start at 8am with free coffee and donuts. Then at 10am we will start to line up for the parade which will end at 12pm. Pulled Pork BBQ Lunch will be served starting at 12pm. After Lunch, Virginia DeMolay is encouraged to stick around afterwards, in the large open field, for field day activities. Including: Football, Frisbee, KanJam, Cornhole, and many more acivities! Come out and join us for this Fun Filled day!

October 14-Westhampton Installation, 2pm

October 27-28: Fall Fest at 4H Center in Jamestown,VA

-A packing list will be sent out soon. It is suggested that everyone arrive between 10am and 11am. Please stay updated with your chapter advisors and the virginiademolay instagram and facebook pages for updated information regarding Fall Fest. A detailed schedule will be sent out soon, as well. I cannot wait for Fall Fest and to be able to see all of you!


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