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The New Year Off to a Great Start!

As we have began the new year, it is important for us all to look back upon the 100 years of DeMolay! That's right! This year, we are turning 100 years old! With DeMolay's Centennial year already upon us, Virginia DeMolay has gotten off to a strong start by showing how we are going to celebrate 100 years of DeMolay.

The first event this new year started no better than Ashburn Chapter's Installation of Officers. On January 5th, it was a splendid day spent in Ashburn with many other chapters, to witness the Installation of Master Councilor, Ryan Pendleton and the rest of his officers. Bro. Ryan wanted an installation like no other so, he decided to make it a college themed installation where he encouraged visitors and members to wear there favorite college apparel. While some people did not have college wear, they instead wore NFL and MLB jerseys! Such a fun idea for an installation!

After the installation, Ashburn Chapter held an overnight event at a local indoor laser tag arena, where members stayed up all night playing laser tag! With such a fun event like this, the chapter did not miss out on the opportunity to have prospective members there as they had over fifteen! Awesome job Ashburn!

The Eastern Region also did not miss out on starting the new year off to a great start! On January 9th, they held their Regional Meeting where they had local Senior DeMolays Open and Close the Region! It was cool experience to see the "Seniors" open a meeting the way they were taught when they were in DeMolay.

The Region voted to reinstate the 'Regional Traveling Gavel' which was awarded many years ago, but has not been used recently. It is cool to see the region reinstating ways to persuade chapters to be more active within the Eastern Region!

After the meeting, the Region then held their annual Winter Ball where they raised funds to subsidize the cost for every member in the region to go to Centennial. Shoutout to Bro. Heath Robinson, your Eastern Region Master Councilor, for planning such a great and successful event.

It is always wonderful to see our DeMolay Chapter's supporting their local Rainbow Assemblies and Jobie Bethels during their installation season. Many chapters from across the state attended other masonic youth installations and it did not go unnoticed. Especially Prince William Chapter who attended Manassas Assembly's Installation and did a special presentation of the American Flag. Keep up the support Virginia!

During February, members from across Virginia gathered in the Northern Region on February 9th for their annual Sweetheart Ball. It was held at one of the most historic lodges in Virginia, Mount Vernon Lodge #219. It was a great dance and an even better time spent with all of the Masonic Youth.

On February 14th, I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of all of Virginia DeMolay and bring greetings to the Grand Court of Virginia, Order of the Amaranth in Portsmouth. It was awesome to be with the Order of the Amaranth for the day and be able to meet and talk with the other dignitaries of other appendant bodies.

Herndon Chapter held their installation of officers on February 17th. Bro. Raymond Siaca Bey was installed as Master Councilor, and it was an honor to do so. It was a great time spent with all of the brothers from the Northern Region. Virginia DeMolay wishes Raymond and all of his officers the best in their endeavours over the next term.

Your advisors from all across Virginia gathered on February 22-24th for their Advisors retreat and it was a great time. Dad Christian Moore, Executive Director of DeMolay International, was our guest speaker and he gave a presentation to the advisors on "How to be the Mentor Your Members Need." The presentation was well received and Dad Moore left a good impact on all of those who attended. Virginia DeMolay continues to thank all of the advisors for their continued support and guidance that you all offer for any member of the Order of DeMolay.

Upcoming events:

March 2-3: Brotherhood Reunion in Alexandria, Virginia

March 9- Tidewater Chapter Installation of Officers (calendar)

March 16- Kempsville Chapter Installation of Officers (calendar)

March 30- Prince William Chapter Installation of Officers (calendar)

March 31- Woodlawn Installation of Officers

April 1- Worldwide Initiation Day. Degrees held in all four regions.

April 27- MCHQWA Ball

*To get an event added to the State Calendar, please contact Dawson Murray


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